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Syndicate radio programmes from DJ David Webster are available for your internet, community or FM station at a low-cost subscription option.

Shows are sent as a consistently timed 56-minute file per hour, providing 4 minutes each hour for your news, local imaging and/or advertising and making to-the-second scheduling easy for programme controllers.

All programmes have a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Shows are delivered by the industry-standard shared Dropbox folder mechanism in high-quality 192kbps MP3, thus enabling auto-loading in to your playout software with no manual intervention (dependant on your system). Automatic gain control on the music and double compression on the voice ensures a professional level output. Speak to us about your specific needs.

Pick and mix how many days of The Daily Mix and how many of the weekly shows you would like. The more you subscribe to, the more you save. The weekly shows available are:

  • All Out Rock

  • All Out Weekend

  • Chart of the Year & The Broadcast Chart (2 shows for the price of 1)

  • The Weekend Mix

Follow the buttons below to set up your subscription today and start receiving your shows from this week. If you are choosing less than 5 days of The Daily Mix or less than all weekly shows, please indicate which weekdays/ weekly shows you would like in your subscription details. Demos are available to listen to here.

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